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These Competition Rules are intended to promote the safe enjoyment of all Go-Sports racing participants, spectators, and enthusiasts.

Racing is dangerous and you could be seriously injured.  Proper safety gear MUST be worn at all times.  Full face helmet (DOT or Snell approved), elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and appropriate sport shoes.  No exceptions will be made.

Closed Course Racing

First moto starting line position (staging) is randomly drawn by computer and posted in the staging order. Racers are responsible to know their staging position. Second moto position is determined by the first moto finish. The number drawn will be the starting position, from the pole to the outside. (The pole position is always closest to the first turn.)  Starting positions may also be determined by finish positions in heat or qualifying races.

The Race Director may penalize any rider whose method of start interferes with other participants.

A damaged Go-Ped may be prohibited from competition if, in the opinion of the Race Director, it presents a hazard to the spectators, participants, or the rider him/herself.  The decision of the Race Director is final.

General Starting Procedures

If a rubber band-type starting gate is used, riders should stay clear of the neutral zone to avoid any chances of the rubber band hindering their start.  All riders must position the front of their Go-Ped behind the rubber band.  A maximum staging distance of two feet (60 cm) from the rubber band will be allowed.  No running starts.

The starter will signal the riders to start their engines and hold up the "2" card.

After acknowledging the riders, the starter will hold up the "1" card.  Within 15 seconds, the "1" card will be turned sideways, signifying the race will start at any moment.  The race will start when the green flag is waved or when the starting gate is tripped.

The start of the race may be delayed only when the "2" card is displayed.  Once the starter has displayed the "1" card, the start of the race cannot be delayed.  Only one 2-minute hold will be granted per race unless the race is officially restarted.  Both Go-Ped and rider must be on the starting line in order to receive a 2-minute hold.

For the entire race, under normal conditions, at least one foot must remain on the deck at all times until the race is finished.

A rolling start may also be used.

On the Starting Line

At starting line, without assistance of additional objects or other persons, racer must be standing on the ground and have one foot remaining on the Go-Ped.  Motor may be running. Pushing allowed only in the push zone.

General Restart Procedures

The Race Director may have a restart at his/her discretion.  Reasons for restart may include (but are not limited to) a jumped start, mishap on the first turn or first lap involving several riders, or a downed rider whose presence creates a potential hazard.

A rider who jumps the start and causes a restart must restart in the same position with a dead engine.  The rider must place both hands on the handlebar and start plug cap must be removed.  Once the band snaps, spark plug cap can be installed.  The engine on his/her Go-Ped cannot be restarted until the green flag is waved or the starting gate is tripped.

If a race is stopped with fewer than 3 laps completed and a restart is required, a total restart should be used.  Riders will be assembled on the starting line in the position of the original start.  Any rider penalized on the original start will be required to restart under the same penalty.  If a race is stopped with three or more laps completed and a restart is required, a flying start may be used.  The riders will be positioned in a single file line in the order in which the last complete lap was scored.  The riders will be led around the course in single file at slow speed, maintaining one Go-Ped length between them.  When the starter waves the green flag, the riders may resume racing.  No passing will be allowed until the green flag is waved by the starter. A race which is stopped (red flagged) with more than 1/2 of the total laps completed may be deemed as complete.

General Regulations

Reckless/Dangerous Riding

Any reckless or dangerous riding, unnecessary bumping, chopping, crowding, blocking, deliberate striking or breaking a course marker, or unsportsmanlike conduct on the course or off, may result in the rider being penalized.  In the case of a team effort, the complete team may be penalized at the discretion of the Race Director.


The deliberate blocking of a faster machine is cause of penalty at the discretion of the Race Director.

Crashes & Spin Outs

It is expressly forbidden to ride in a direction opposite of that in which the event is being run.  A rider whose Go-Ped has spun out is permitted to turn around to continue the event provided such action is taken only when the course is clear.  The rider must give right of way to other racers on the course.  Riders going in the wrong direction may be penalized.


A rider must always be prepared for another rider to pass and must therefore be aware of other riders approaching from behind.  The overtaking rider must consider the safest route to pass and must do do without forcing the overtaken rider to suddenly alter course.


A rider being lapped must move over, but can continue racing.

Race Stoppage

All machines will be stopped under the red flag.  The starter will notify riders when to move their machines, and he will have them proceed slowly to the point of restart.  Any rider causing the stoppage or a race and subsequent restart, or any rider unable to immediately restart may be penalized.

Corner/Course Marker

All riders must negotiate completely around any course marker in closed course events.  The front of the Go-Ped must be clearly steered around any marker.  Any competitor riding over a course marker will be judged to have missed the marker.  The rider will be required to renegotiate the turn marker going in the proper direction, and will be required to do so in a safe manner so as not to create a hazard or danger to other riders on the course.
Missed Turns:  A rider failing to renegotiate a marker or missing a marker in a closed course event will be penalized one lap for each missed marker unless he/she goes back to pick up the marker.

At the Finish

A rider and his/her Go-Ped shall be considered a unit to constitute a finish.  The rider must be in reasonable control to be scored as finishing an event.

Race Flags
Green Flag Start of  Race
Yellow Flag Indicates a situation on the race course in which racers should use caution
Red Flag All racing stops! Racers report back to the starting line
Blue & Yellow Lapped flag.  (Courtesy)
You are being lapped by a faster racer -- move over
White Flag 1 lap to go
Checker Flag Race is over
Black Flag Racer must report immediately to the Race Director

No Pushing!

If a rider is caught pushing or is caught with both feet off of the deck, for ANY reason, the rider may be penalized with a Stop and Go penalty.

The reason for the penalty is to penalize the rider who lets both feet leave the deck and touch the ground, violates any of the General Regulations, or who violates the "No Pushing" rule.  If you are caught violating any of these rules, a Course Marshal will instruct you to go to the Stop and Go penalty area.

Stock/Limited Class Rules (Colorado Events Only) (G-2D, G-23L+Geo). G-23RC, Powered Go-Peds will be run in Mod classes)

Intended to promote interest in stock Go-Ped competition and to enable individuals to become active competitors with relatively modest investment and maintenance costs and at an identical degree. Go-Peds competing in these classes must conform to the specifications which follow.

Note:  Begin with a completely stock Go-Ped.  Read the rules one by one to determine the substitutions and modifications allowed.  Changes not listed here are not permitted.

  1. All Go-Peds must remain strictly stock as furnished by the manufacturer, except where rules allow substitutions or modifications.  The use of older model parts on newer model Go-Peds is not allowed.
  2. The part must be a bolt-on requiring no modifications to that part or any other parts except where rules allow substitutions or modifications.
  3. No internal modifications of any kind, including grinding, surfacing, polishing, machining, shot peening, etc., will be allowed on any engine components or drive components.
  4. External modifications to the engine finish (e.g., plating, polishing, and/or painting) are allowed for cosmetic purposes only.
  5. Replacement of general maintenance parts (e.g., spark plugs, spark plug wires, spark plug caps, wiring, fuel lines, clamps, and fasteners) shall not be restricted to OEM.
  6. The entire fuel system is a closed system.  The Go-Ped must not vent or spill fuel at any attitude with or without the engine running.  OEM fuel tank, fuel pickup, fuel filler, fuel filter, fuel tap assembly and relief valve must be used and cannot be modified.  Additional fuel filters may be used.
  7. Additional padding may be added and custom painting is allowed.  The surface finish of any metal component outside may be polished, shot peened or painted.
  8. The exhaust hole must remain the stock diameter as furnished by the manufacturer, maximum of .250 inches. However, for the purposes of performance at high altitude (Colorado events only) the exaust tube may be removed.
  9. Air filter assembly may be aftermarket (Colorado events only).
  10. Spindle may be aftermarket and diameter may be changed (GSRA events only).
  11. Handle pole may be any length.
  12. Handle pole latch and kick stand may be removed for riding comfort and ground clearance
  13. The Race Director has final jurisdiction and is charged with interpretation of the spirit of the rules.
Modified Class (G-23 and G-23RC powered Go-Peds will run in the same mod classes)

Competitors in this class are allowed modifications to gain maximum machine and engine performance.  Go-Peds competing in this class must conform to the specifications which follow:

Begin with a completely stock Go-Ped.  Read the rules one by one to determine the substitutions and modifications allowed.

1.  Stock Frame (minor technicalities such as drilling larger exhaust hole will be allowed.

2.  Stock rubber tires must be used.  Rims and bearings may be aftermarket.

3.  Stock crankcase must be used.  No welding will be allowed.  Internal modifications to the cases will be allowed.

4.  Motor mounts must remain in the stock location (both frame and crankcase).

5.  Crankshaft and rod may be modified (not to exceed adl. 2 mm stroke) on 32mm bore engines. No stroke modification is allowed on 34mm bore engines.

6.  Flywheel and coil may be modified and be aftermarket.  (Flywheel must be covered for safety and have no opening larger than 1/2 inch.)

7.  Exhaust system may be modified.  (Exhaust system must not extend out any farther than 7 inches from center of spark plug in all directions.  You may exceed the 7 inches if exhaust is routed under the deck.

8.  Handle pole may be any length.

9.  Cylinder bore not to exceed 32 mm (porting and aftermarket is allowed) with up to 2mm stroked crank. Big Bore 34 mm bore must run stock stroke.

10. Drive System must remain friction drive, direct to tire.

11.  Any fuel and delivery system may be used.  All fuel systems must be sealed as to not spill or leak at any attitude.

12.  Engine tear-down after final race may be required.  If any Go-Ped and/or engine is deemed to be in violation of the rules, that unit will be disqualified.  Any racer, Go-Ped, and/or engine found to be violating the spirit and intent of any rule will also be disqualified by the Race Director. Any rider refusing tear-down will
be disqualified.

13. The Race Director has final jurisdiction and is charged with interpretation of the spirit of the rules.

Numbering System

No points will be awarded to a rider who has not been scored on at least one lap during the final race.

Moto scoring:  Overall results are determined by adding the finishing positions from each moto together.  The rider with the lowest sum will receive the higher ranking.  In case of a tie, rider with the best finish in the final moto will receive the higher ranking.  To receive points, a rider must be scored on at least one lap in any moto.  A DNR (did not race will be scored as the number of riders entered in the class plus 2.

GSRA Official Point System
Position Points Position Points
1 60 9 27
2 53 10 24
3 48 11 22
4 43 12 20
5 39 13 18
6 36 14 16
7 33 15 14
8 30 16 12

Rider Classification - Closed Course

Junior Class:  Stock and Modified - 14 years old and under
Amateur Class: Stock and Modified
Professional Class:  Stock and Modified

Required Safety Gear

  • All riders must wear a full face SNELL and/or DOT approved (motorcycle type)helmet. (Push Ped Racers only may use bicycle helmets)
  • All riders must wear gloves.
  • All riders must wear knee pads.
  • All riders must wear elbow pads.
  • All riders must wear sturdy footwear.
  • Goggles, long pants, long shirts, back and chest protectors and any other safety gear are optional.
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