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 Registration form  must be completed in full and all applicable fees paid prior to the event. Registration may be done on-line, via mail, via fax (must be received by the Wednesday before the event) or in person at Saturday evening sign-up (check the On-Line "News" page or call the Pro Motion Office at (303) 333-2011. Each competitor must sign the gate release and Liability Release  located on the back of the entry form.  All riders, mechanics, and holders must sign the release form at the scoring truck to obtain a “pit pass” before being allowed on the water or in the starting area.  A $100 fine will be assessed to anyone not complying with this requirement. 


IJSBA membership provides competition members with $50,000 excess medical with a specific deductible (An additional fee applies for the first time you compete at a Pro Motion event in 2003).  This coverage is provided through Rand/North American Insurance Group.  It applies only when a racer’s primary insurance coverage has been exhausted or denied. 
Note:  Emergency transportation for first run ambulance or medivac helicopter is covered. However, the deductible does apply to transportation. 


All watercraft must be inspected by the technical staff prior to closed course practice or slalom.  A tech inspection plate decal must be displayed on each competing watercraft with the appropriate sticker applied by the tech staff.  This inspection, when possible, will be conducted with the watercraft on the trailer at the entry to the dry pit area.  Please have your watercraft, helmet and PFD ready to be inspected. 


All competitor’s watercraft must display one IJSBA decal on each side.    Compliance will be verified by the tech staff.  Replacement decals are available at scoring for a small fee. 

Proper color backgrounds with black minimum of 7” high race numbers must be placed on each side of the engine cover (on stand up skis) or on each side of the upper bow (on sport or runabouts).  Novice plates = Orange, Expert = Yellow, Pro = White. Numbers ($1 each) and backgrounds ($3 each) are available at scoring.  Numbers must be "Block Type" and not be outlined or overlap each other. 


 Racers should be aware that certain types of “pump” gasoline contain additives (such as ethanol) that do not meet IJSBA fuel standards and will not pass the fuel test. Fuel must be UNLEADED.  All fuel containers must be red in color and clearly marked “GASOLINE” or  “FLAMMABLE.” 


A full coverage Snell or DOT approved helmet and a USCG approved type 3 PFD must be worn by all competitors or mechanics at all times when on the water.  This includes testing, practice, or anytime a competition watercraft is being operated within the PMRP’s control perimeter.  Freestyle competitors are exempt from the helmet requirement only during freestyle competition. 


The beach area in the wet pits may be limited at some event sites.  Wet pit tents may be required to set up behind a demarcation line in order to maximize water access.

The use of pit support vehicles may be restricted at some venues.  Generally, their use is limited to the transport of watercraft to and from the wet and dry pit areas. Full coverage helmets are required. 5 MPH maximum speed. Violations will result in vehicles being impounded through the race day and a $100 fine imposed.
Use of ATVs may not be allowed at some sites and may be restricted to pavement at other sites.
Pets are not permitted on the beach or in the pit area.
Holders and mechanics are not allowed to use the starting and tech areas for spectating.
Each pit group is required to have one ABC-type fire extinguisher and to store fuel containers together at a safe distance away from canopies.
 The 86db sound level rule will be strictly enforced (2002 Rule Book).
All riders must obey local boating laws when riding outside of the race perimeter. This includes having proper registrations, registration numbers, and the payment of  any use fees.  Note “No Wake” zones and stay well clear of other users including swimmers and swim areas
White swim floats will be used to designate the pit lane at some venues.  The area on the shore side of the floats is a no-wake zone.  Do not ride over floats or ropes.
Specific site restrictions will be discussed at the rider’s meeting. 


All watercraft competing in closed course and slalom racing must have an operational lanyard type engine stop switch.  In addition,  the engine must not idle when the throttle is released with the pump out of the water (i.e. idle circuit disabled). 

All watercraft without bow eyelet must have strong tow loops installed.  We strongly recommend using cable loops (with no open cable ends). 


Pit boards are located on the scoring truck.  Do not remove any posted information.  Riders are required to know their staging positions.  Staging order is randomly drawn by computer and is in the order posted for each heat. 


The number of finishing positions that will be required to go to tech will be announced during the rider’s meeting.  Both the rider and the watercraft must go directly to tech (in a safe manner) following the completion of the race.  Failure to go directly to tech will be grounds for disqualification.

All riders that advance to finals or compete in a second moto should be prepared for post race tear-down.  Only the rider and two mechanics will be allowed in the tech area.  Replacement gaskets are the responsibility of each rider.  Have appropriate tools ready. 


All ski division riders are required to be in a standing position and cannot sit on the rails, on their heels, or kneel in the tray of the watercraft.

Riders must pass between the finish buoys on every lap to be scored.
 Deliberate contact or reckless riding will not be tolerated!  Violators will be black flagged and may be disqualified.
 Emergency medical personnel are on-site during closed course practice and racing should medical assistance be required.
Slalom classes count toward regional points and are part of World Finals.
 Riders must not cross over or between the split markers or merge lane buoys.  Do not attempt to circle back around these markers under any circumstances.  Violations are extremely dangerous and will result in a one lap penalty and/or fine 

The “log jump” may be used for ski classes at some venues.  Instructions for bypassing the jump in the event of a downed rider or loose tethering will be discussed at the rider’s meeting. 



Headquarters hotels have been established for all events.  Special rates have been negotiated for competitors.  Please identify yourself as being with the “IJSBA Jet Sports Races.”  Make your reservations early, this year in particular!  Our events may coincide with several other large events.  Our room blocks generally expire two weeks prior to each event. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances!  Remember to check out in the morning (before 11am) or you will be charged for an additional night. 


This is a family-oriented sport: Appropriate behavior is expected and will be strictly enforced.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by a racer, a racer’s crew or family leveled at a race official, member of the event staff, other racers, or spectators will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: cursing, gesturing, or threatening in a verbal or physical manner. Such conduct will be deemed cause for that racer’s disqualification and/or suspension at the race director’s or competition manager’s discretion. 

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